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You know your goals.
You know your direction. But how to get there?

Transformation Mapping is the answer!
The case


You may have a pretty clear idea of where you want to be with your organization/team in let's say the next few weeks, quarters or years.


The only thing is, you have no clear view and grip on which steps are necessary to get there and in what priority, because there are so many improvements and issues to address in parallel while keeping your eyes on the ball.


Despite all the good intentions, we have seen many times that a lack of alignment, concrete goals and monitoring criteria is a recipe for failure to deliver the intended financial results or overall objectives. We understand that this can be very frustrating for you, because you want to see results. 


To help you address these challenges, we can help you through Transformation Mapping.


When do you use it?


Use a Transformation Map when you:

  • Want to plot the goals and milestones needed to achieve a business vision;

  • Want to identify conflicting initiatives and interdependencies across functions, business lines, companies;

  • Want to agree and communicate the multiple components of your plan with your key stakeholders;

  • Want to Illustrate the vision and “journey” to the entire organization.



What is it?


A Transformation Map is a straightforward tool, yet a powerful one. It is flexible one page visual representation of a company’s ambition and the journey towards it.


In an interactive and highly dynamic  workshop we help you translate your strategy into concrete sub-goals, action points, resources and milestones required to achieve the strategy/goal, along with the expected timing of each of them.


In summary, a well run Transformation Mapping workshop ensures “buy in” for the vision and a realistic path to get there.





How do you use it?


Building a Transformation Map consists of three phases: an intake session, an interactive workshop and the final delivery.


The process of developing the Transformation Map with the appropriate stakeholders is as important as the map itself.


In fact, simply presenting a finished map without significant stakeholder input and involvement will not have the same level of ownership or understanding or consensus, and therefore will not achieve the expected results.



Why do you use it?


Through Transformation Mapping, you will be able to develop a roadmap that incorporates all aspects of the end you have in mind, while ensuring realistic and concrete results.


Because it is build in an interactive, engaging and collaborative manner, it will help you build alignment and a stronger sense of ownership and responsibility within your team.


All by all, it will help you ensure that activities are all pulling in the same direction.


In the end, it will save you time and money, because you (and your team) are focussed on your goals.





In what context is it used?


Some companies use the Map routinely as part of their strategic planning process, and before their budgeting process begins, as a tool for prioritizing.


Others use it for their IT Planning, Department Planning, Project Planning, Product Development or large scale Organizational Transformations (such as mergers and acquisitions).



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