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Our Services

Our services are tailored to your unique needs to help you improve your business, whether you are a small enterprise or a large multinational. Our years of experience has thought us that the challenges organizations faces boils down to the following three areas:



The challenge

How do you view people in your organization? As a valuable asset to be invested in or a necessary cost to be minimized?


The valuable asset viewpoint may be the most appropriate if you truly want to excel. In the end they are the ones that drive and sustain improvements in all aspects of your organization.


Almost every employee comes to work to do a good job. That's why they've got hired in the first place. But is your strategic direction clear? Is your team performing to their potential? Do your employees demonstrate in their actions a belief in the organization's values and principles?


How we can help

We can help you create a compelling vision, develop the strategies to achieve it, develop the leadership skills to direct and manage it, and translating the vision and values into standards and behaviors with targeted training, coaching and teambuilding activities.






The challenge

When we talk about processes, we basically talk about the way we have structured our day to day activities of 'doing our work'.


In many cases we have been doing those for quit some time without thinking why we are doing it in the first place. In many organizations people only look at their own department or function, thus losing sight of the end product or the customer.


From an continious improvement point of view, we need to take a step back and take a look at the way work is done to examine whether our efforts are well focussed and adding value.


How we can help

We offer a wide range of services to make you and your business more efficient, and more importantly, more effective. We can help you to examine forms and work flows, especially across functional boundaries, to help you optimize your underlying business processes and encouraging people to work together to achieve more efficient results.



The challenge

Organizations all over the world are increasingly dependent on technology for doing business. It is an enabler of corporate strategy and competitive advantage.


Top management support is a key factor in the adoption of new technology. As are the skills, ability and absorptive capacity of an organization's people to get the best out of new technology.


How we can help

We can help you improve your business operations by helping you define the requirements that the organization is in need for, select or functionally design the right solution, and manage the whole implementation and support part of it. Combined with our people and process capabilities, we make sure that the solution is streamlined with your processes and specific needs while mitigating change resistance and drive adoption of new technology and behavioral change.

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Within traditional consultancy it can take months to do an organizational assessment / quickscan. This means that it can also take longer before being able to actually start working on the improvement points. In a rapid and continious changing environment it should not take months to identify points for improvement. The elements to be changed cannot be allowed to wait and speed is crucial in order to stay ahead.


To help organizations gain insight into their improvement points, strategic focus and organizational alignment, we use the 3TGO concept to facilitate highly interactive and high-level workshops in a FUNctional way. By combining gamification and digitalization 3TGO allows us to diagnose, analyze and create a report with the results within the course of the day!


We are proud to be a certified practitioner of 3TGO.


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