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Privacy Policy

This site is owned and mainted by GMP Consulting  | Business Improvement Consultants. You can browse our web site without providing any personal information. There are points in the web site at which you have the option of entering information. If you choose to do so, that information will be received by GMP Consulting and used for its own purposes in assisting you and for other internal purposes. It will not be sold to third parties.


Such information as you decide to submit to GMP Consulting via its web page is used to provide information you request, answer questions or concerns, or otherwise in the normal course of GMP Consulting’s business.


We do not intend to share your information with people or entities outside of GMP Consulting and its affiliates except as is required to provide you with the service or information you have requested via the web site. If we are required by law to disclose the information you have provided to us, we will do so.


This privacy statement may be modified from time to time. It is intended as a statement of our current practices, and not as an offer or contract of any sort. If the privacy statement is amended, the amendment will be included on our web page.


GMP Consulting is not responsible for the privacy practices of any organization or entity to which we may provide a link on our web page. If you are concerned about those entities’ privacy policies, you should read their policies as found on their web pages.


If you have any questions about this notice or our privacy policies and practices, contact us.


© GMP Consulting | Business Improvement Consultants 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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