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Our Experience

From our years in the business, we have performed over sixty consulting engagements for a wide variety of public and private sector organizations organizations in more than 12 countries. The following examples illustrates the wealth of experience that we have gained over the years in our main areas of expertise:
Business Improvement - People & Organization
People & Organization

Established a cohesive Business Plan and Strategic Roadmap addressing concrete actions for the next three years.


Provided a corporate vision and strategy for a concrete approach to improve new employee onboarding experience, reducing turnover rates and simplyfing HR and Manager tasks.


Improved leadership skills by designing and delivering a well balanced range of training and coaching activities for over a year.


Increased public employee awareness about integrity and ethics, by delivering a series of trainings and dilemma sessions.


Ensured a seamless implementation on the mandatory deadline for a new Health Insurance System by running the project management office, delivering reports and managing issues and risks.


Increased employee morale and increased customer service orientation of public employees, minimizing change resistance by delivering a series of change management sessions with a range of activities.


Ensuring a seamless training experience for over 400 employees by coordinating all the training logistics of a larger Program.


Increased user awareness and involvement and reduced operational risk by designing and delivering an Enterprise Risk Management training module.


Outlined a clear vision on Integrity and translated the main themes into do's and dont's during a workshop with departments heads of a public entity.


Increased collaboration, transparancy, focus on accountability and teamwork by designing and implementing targeted change management activities on all levels of a government.


Embedded mission and vision into values and behaviors of many different companies.


Established management insight into organizational effectiveness.


Increased company awareness and reduced risk of uncontrolled business disruption by developing and implementing a Business Continuity Plan.


Provided future-state recommendations that could be leveraged across the enterprise.


Delivered an execution plan for how handle HR data as a result of a demerger of a large organization into two separate entities.


Improved efficiency, compliance and collaboration through establishing knowledge management strategies, tools and training.


Increased knowledge, skills and abilities of over 4000 employees, through end-user system trainings, eLearnings and webinars, employee onboarding sessions, knowledge management sessions and coaching and feedback sessions on many different subjects.


Improve the effectiveness and the performance of the HR function, by introducing a new target operating model.

Business Improvement - Processes & Systems
Processes & Systems

Met Record Retention and compliance goals by implementing record retention rules in the relevant systems, processes and procedures.


Conducted an in-depth analysis and provided a report to eliminate redundancy and unnecessary processes, systems and forms, while improving operating efficiencies and governance capabilities within the operating companies of a larger holding by recommending new tools and alignment of several processes.


Executed all the different project management, technological and communication steps to meet the mandatory deadline for the euro-conversion in the HR and Financial systems of different organizations.


Eliminated unnecesarry paperwork, redundancy and risk,  increased efficiency by automating various absence management processes of many different organizations.


Effectively integrated workflow management with overall HR processes.


Quicker and better matching of candidates with required skills after having streamlined account management, resource management and matching processes and implemented a software that helped automate these processes.


Increased the quality of HR Services by streamlining, redesigning and automating key business processes, conversion of data and testing the solution profoundly before rollout.


Reduced complexity and increased user acceptance by describing requirements and redesigning a Performance Management solution.


Created and implemented solutions to eliminate identified risks from an audit perspective.


Improved online employee experience, by implementing and testing an employee benefits portal.


Requirements analysis and design, package selection, implementation, conversion, testing and end-user training for many organizations.


Improve the efficiency of the Performance Management Cycle, reducing unnecessary steps, streamlining key business processes, work procedures and other relevant tools and forms by performing the conceptual design, requirements analysis, testing and rollout of a Performance Management system for over 17.000 users.


Meet the requirements set in the Collective Labor Agreement of a large organization by translating them into concrete procedures, processes and software solutions.


Effectively implemented and integrated a cloud-based recruitment application within a broader and complex HR Technology landscape, improving the recruitment experience for both the employee and the recruiter.


Developed an IT-Strategy plan including a Roadmap of the projects to undertake in order to achieve the IT vision.


Developed requirements and succesfully implemented a cloud-based Learning Management System, improving efficiencies and increasing user experience, reducing administration tasks.


Provided a powerfull management reporting toolset and eliminated the expense of maintaining multiple disconnected sources.

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