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"There is always space for improvement,
no matter how long you've been in the business."


Oscar De La Hoya

The need for improvement is driven by our customers, employees, stakeholders, partners, government and the communities that we are active in.


Improvement is equal to change. Without change, there will be no progress. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've got.  When improving the performance of the business, change comes in all shapes and forms: from restructuring the organization and operating model to better align with a new strategy, change in processes, procedures, the technology that is being used or a change in the way of doing business.


Whether you are a startup, musician, engineer, grocery or a large financial institution; we are committed to take your business to the next level and increase its value, either through improved skills, processes, technology or a combination of these.


We have an pragmatic, flexible and effective approach to business improvement, and we look forward to helping you improve your business today!



We have been in the business and technology improvement consultancy business for over 17 years, having served a substantial number of clients in almost every service industry, in many countries around the globe.


Our years of international experience across the globe have enabled us to recognize the challenges our clients face at the intersection of people, processes and technology.  We can help you to improve the strategy, people, systems and business processes that enable the success of your business.

Your business is our concern, let us help you improve it
  • Are you planning to invest in new technology, streamline key business processes and improve overall efficiency?

  • Are you thinking strategically about the future direction of your organization?

  • Do you want to educate your employees about the effective use of technology to ensure your competitive edge in the market?

  • Do you want to make sure your employees understand your mission and vision and adopt the right values and behaviours?

  • Do you want to improve productivity by investing in the knowledge, skills and abilities of your employees?

  • Are you managing the concerns of your customers effectively?

Welcome to GMP Consulting | Business Improvement Consultants
We look forward to helping you improve your business today!

We combine proven consultancy capabilities with deep functional expertise in the people, process and technology area to develop and deliver practical solutions for any opportunity or challenge that you may face.

A selection of our work
From our years in the business, we have performed over sixty consulting engagements for a wide variety of public and private sector organizations organizations in more than 12 countries. The following examples illustrates the wealth of experience that we have gained over the years in our main areas of expertise:
Business Improvement - People & Organization
Business Improvement - Processes & Systems
Business Improvement - Processes & Systems

Business Planning - Strategic Roadmapping - Leadership Development - Coaching - Training Design & Delivery - Change Management - Business Continuity Management - New Employee Onboarding Programs - Process Redesign & Process Improvement - Workflow Management - Package Selection - Systems Implementation - Requirements analysis and design - Package Selection - Systems Implementation - Quality Assurance & Testing.

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